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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you pick an antique lock without destroying it?

While we do not specialize in antiques, we do specialize in locks. Our expert locksmiths can easily assess early on if a lock will take on damage in the process of picking it, sometimes just by looking at it.

What locks should I get for my business?

That depends on how big your business is. A big corporation could benefit from finger print based locks that could be programmed to have the prints of employees. Smaller businesses probably would not need such security.

How close can I expect your quote to come to the price charged?

Pretty close. Unless there is something unexpected discovered upon the expert locksmith seeing the job, something that was not mentioned over the phone, then the two should not be far off from each other.

What can I do if I’m not satisfied with the service?

If we or our expert locksmiths have done anything that you may have an issue with, you can simply give us a call. We are sure that we can fix any problem.

Can you fix problems caused by other locksmiths?

If you do find yourself in a position wherein a different locksmith did a poor job or even made your problem worse, do not hesitate to call us. We can make it as if you had never called them in the first place.

What paper work do you require for an emergency car lockout?

We require the presentation of the car’s registration upon entering the car. The name on the registration should match the name on your driver’s license. If it does not, we cannot continue to get the car running.

What paper work do you require for home and commercial jobs?

We require you to show your ID to make sure you are the same person who called to have the job done. We do this for security purposes, so that no one claims to be you and has a job done.

Why do you require the presentation of documents?

We value the security of our customers. We want to make sure we avoid all instances of identity theft. Being able to get inside something that is locked is a huge responsibility that we do not take lightly.

Can you also open a locked file cabinet or safe?

Yes. We can open anything with a lock. Just present the proper documents to prove ownership, pay our highly competitive rates, and you can have access to your files and valuables.

Is there a difference between residential and commercial services?

Yes. Commercial services are usually more demanding and cost more. Just give us a call, and we can give you a quote that is more suited to your particular situation.

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