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We here 24 hour emergency to help with more than just home lockouts and lock repair. Call us

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We are the largest security cameras & CCTV supplier company with a lot of experience

Elegant Locksmith

Torrance Locksmith is one of the most skilled and experienced locksmith service providers in all of Torrance, California. Our staff, our methods, and our resources — everything is truly brilliant. What makes us so brilliant, you ask? It is our consistent top quality work that makes us well-known in the city. Torrance is known for its motto, “A Balanced City.” Just like the city we serve, we are a balanced, organized, and efficient locksmith company. Our business started in the late 1990s and we have been known to provide great service since then. We still do and we always will.

Torrance isn’t as big and as popular compared to other cities in California, but that doesn’t stop us from always giving our best in every service we are commissioned for. For almost two decades of being in business, we have provided locksmith services to almost 3,000 homeowners in Torrance. We have been recommended by our loyal customers to other people outside the city, so business is really booming. Our methods and resources are also improving day by day through experience. Despite being in the business for so long now, we know that there is always room for improvement. Our services consist of the minor services and the major or technical ones. One thing we assure our customers all the time is that we will resolve all of their locksmith dilemmas one way or another. There is no room for lacking and unfinished services here.

Elegant’s Mission

Just because we are the “Elegant Locksmith Company” doesn’t mean that elegance is one of our core values. There are only two things that we center our services on. These are your Security and your Financial Stability.

Your SecurityOur services are always conducted efficiently and with diligence. When we do a great job, we know that we have contributed something that will benefit your family’s safety. The word security also applies before and during our service. When we gain access to your home, belongings, and cars, we promise to mind our own business and simply focus on our job. You don’t have to worry about our people stealing from you or harming you in any way. You can leave your house while we conduct our job with no problem. We are confident that we will do a good job, so we want our clients to be confident in hiring us. Trust us, and we promise that you will never be disappointed.

Your Financial StabilityThe word Elegant or Elegance is always accompanied by the words expensive or luxurious. That is not the case here in Elegant Locksmith. Most of our previous customers are shocked whenever we hand them the bill. Not because it was expensive, but because it was reasonable. We often hear the questions, “Are you sure this is the total?” and “Is there an error in the summing up of the total?” Our answer to that is that our services are all about the quality of the work, not the quantity of the fees.

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Elegant’s Vision

We are not after publicity or fame. We are after the expansion of our services and the widening of our target market. We want to accomplish all of these things by always providing great service to our loyal and future customers. Torrance is where Elegant was founded, and we are certain that we have provided great service to the city. It is our goal to provide our locksmith services to other cities in California and then to all the cities in the United States. This goal will demand blood, sweat, money, and time. People who are familiar with our work always say, “Glad there is a locksmith company like this one” and “I made the right choice coming to you guys.” After 20, 30 and 50 years, we want our customers to keep saying these.

The competition has been fierce, with all of the new entrants in the business. This isn’t a problem, though, because despite the division of the market, we know that more people are concerned about their security and are doing something about it. Elegant is always on its way to great improvement and growth. The learning opportunity is great, and we want to apply everything we know to the services we provide. Our mission and vision are directed to one picture, and that is for Elegant to be the best locksmith company in the USA.

The Service and the Team

We profile all locksmith services plus CCTV installations. We are capable of working with recreational doors and commercial doors with no problem. Our automotive locksmith services are also extensive–from the extraction of keys from the ignition to the resetting of biometric car doors. Our staff is divided into three groups: repair, replacement, and installation. Despite this division of labor, every one of our staff is capable of all locksmith services. Our team consists of professionals who have undergone great training for years. They always maintain their integrity and professionalism during work. Our tools and machines are also up to date. We possess the best snap gun kits, tubular key cutting machines, laser key cutting machines, and more. The materials we use for our installation services are also produced by the best manufacturing companies in the country. With a team of skilled professionals and top quality resources, what more can you ask for?

For anyone interested in commissioning our locksmith services, feel free to give us a call or come visit our head office in Torrance, California. We are more than happy to attend to your security problems. For your own peace of mind, you can access the testimonial page for the comments from our previous customers. Navigate your way to the service page to see the descriptions of the services we provide.  You want the best locksmith services? You want the best security system possible? We can give you just that. Leave it to us to always keep things working perfectly. We hope to get it touch with you soon.